Accelerated Learning

Hello, I am Chantale Simon and I am from Belgium. I have been a private trainer for over 15 years, teaching PhotoReading, NLP,  Accelearated learning and learning under hypnosis. 

My passion is to help children and adults how to learn and overcome learning difficulties.

I strongly believe that knowledge leads to more freedom and choice. That is why I teach children and adults how to study. 

I get a lot of complains from adults saying that they are having a hard time putting their seminars into practice. They struggle to remember what they learned during their coaching sessions, NLP, Hypnosis, or any other types.

They often say, « I learned, and then I forget everything; it doesn’t work; I can’t integrate all this information into my practice. »

If you have the same concern, it’s probably a strategy problem. At school, we haven’t learned to memorize correctly. We think we have remembered something, but in reality, we cannot recall the information. 

Or sometimes, it’s the understanding that’s not there. 

“Sometimes it’s all good, I understand, I can remember parts of it,  but I can’t summerise it and retain the information. And so, at the end, I can’t integrate all this new material into my practice ».

The main issue lies in the strategies. 

If this is your case, if you feel a bit lost when learning something new, I strongly suggest we all review the learning strategies together. To do this, we will meet on the weekends to learn the theory and do a lot of enriching exercices.

Here is what we will cover: 

We will go through the NLP learning strategies :

  • How to memorize and retain information
  • How to understand 
  • We’ll learn How to take smart notes
  • How to reflect on the material and use our multiple intelligences,
  • How to build our knowledge with Accelerated learning tips.
  • Finally, we will learn how to put all this into practice to create good neural connections. 

Please join us in this exciting seminar to discover practical and concrete learning strategies. 

We’re meeting by zoom; so it will be easier for everybody at home. 

I look forward to seeing you. I’m sure we’ll have a great time together.

Save the Date! 

Accelerated Learning Class

February 18, 19, 25, 26
9:30am-1pm Eastern Time

You’re already a photoreader and want to go a step further. This first class is by invitation only. Future classes will be 180 euros. Please contact Chantale to get on the list to be notified of future classes. 

contact : e-mail me :

After the training, I’ve received this mail from a participant:

Dear Chantale Simon, 
I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent training you provided. Your expertise and knowledge in Accelerated Learning were remarkable, and you conveyed the concepts clearly and easily understood.
I learned much during the training, and my understanding of Learning Strategies has significantly improved. The materials and resources you provided were helpful, and I will reference them as I continue to work in this area.
I appreciate your effort and time in preparing for the training and your commitment to ensuring that all participants gained the most from it. The interactive sessions and practical exercises were engaging and helped to reinforce the concepts.
Once again, thank you for sharing your expertise with us. I look forward to applying the knowledge gained during the training to my work and personal life.
Kind regards, 
Dr. Megan Seyedsafi